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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hunter and Atsushi use their genius to figure out details on the home for Dora and Baxter.

Mmmm. Juicy sausages roast on an open grill. Our first dinner. Delicious with sweet and spicy mustard!

Bluff-style school started today! The 10 student participants (Chris, Camille, Monica, Hunter, Eric, Lindsay, Ryan, Matt, Chris, and Atsushi) drove down from Salt Lake City yesterday to begin their adventures in house design and building. After spending some time settling into the Scorup House, half of the students continued work on developing the construction documents, while the other half organized meals and bought supplies to last (hopefully) the next two weeks. We've set up teams of two students each to research specific parts of the home, and we're madly trying to finish our drawings to send to the structural engineer and to get a building permit. As this is being written, Hunter and Eric have glazed, dead looks in their eyes from staring at their computer screens for so long. Maybe it's time for some sleep.



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