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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here's your favorite former blogger, back for a quick blog stint. I missed posting stuff during
my 3 week hiatus in distant countries. Coming back for today's house dedication renewed my love of the Benally home, which is simply the most beautiful home ever built under the DesignBuildBluff name.

Dora and Baxter planned a top-notch celebration of their home, their gratitude, their loved ones, and their friends. Dawn greeted them with a traditional Navajo blessing on the home, performed by Baxter's nephew. The afternoon brought Father Ian's blessing on the home and the family. Ceremonies aside, Dora and Baxter turned into party animals as they introduced the afternoon's celebratory entertainment. We discovered the range of Dora and Baxter's musical tastes, as they showcased everything from Navajo songs and dances to heavy metal rock anthems and raps.

Father Ian blesses all.
Dora and Baxter's granddaughter belts it.
"Silhouettes of a Melody"
Hank's thank-you.
Dora and Baxter dance it up.
C.B. and Monica make some mean competition for the Dora and Baxter dance-off.
The chefs make use of our rusty metal grates (think soffit images) to grill some beef. Mmmm. Rusty meat. ;) Actually, the food was delicious.
Awwww. The whole gang.
Our house takes the cake!


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