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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This month has started off pretty great for us Bluffies. We've finally gotten away from our laptops (mostly) and begun the actual construction on this year's projects. After digging for a whole week we started off this week at full force once again and ready to move on to something a little easier on our backs. Though we were releived to have a break from the digging (mostly) we are fast discovering that each job on the site comes with its own particular ... challenges. There is always something to keep us busy, which with fourteen total people can be a job in itself, and ever the next problem to solve. We are all enjoying ourselves despite (or pehaps because of) the numerous chances we've had to put our brains and our bodies to more work than most of us have seen for many years. Such is the 'plight' of life in Bluff and we love it!



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