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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Special guest appearance from a former Bluff blogger!  This past weekend, a crew of former Bluffers drove down to give some major critiques on this year's projects.  (Actually, it was more for fun than anything else, and to join in the fun and festivities of the annual DesignBuildBluff board retreat.)  In fact, nearly all of last year's DesignBuildBluff team was able to make it down south to soak up the sun, visit Dora and Baxter Benally and other DesignBuildBluff home owners, and basically have a blast doing anything but school work.  :)  This year's projects, which include a bathhouse, shop facilities, and student residences on the Scorup House property, are coming along nicely, as you can see from the past few months' blog entries.  The challenge will be completing the projects!  Way to go, DesignBuildBluff team 2008!  The shipping containers look wicked awesome, as do the hand carved Flexcrete blocks that comprise the bathhouse walls.  These projects will look pretty sick when they're completed!  Three cheers for Bluff!

Roof crew looks like they've got things under control.

The beauty of the bathhouse.  The Flexcrete walls are nearly complete!
And who are these handsome fellows?
The view from one of the windows of the bathhouse.
The shop/residence conglomeration.  It's coming right along!
Tex, up close and personal.
Eric, as photographed from the stealth position of a sniper.

What a lovely view the shop will have of the Scorup House!

Undulating Flexcrete creates a water-like effect.  Perfect aesthetic for a bathhouse.
You can't work ALL the time in Bluff!  The Bluffers take a break for a hike!

Faux-gan pride!  It's just like a life-sized model!

The bluffs of Bluff.

What a good-looking crew!  DesignBuildBluff for life!  We're rather fond of the home we built for the Benally family.
Check out Dora's desk niche!
And the hallway!  The home is actually being lived in!  It's fantastic!  It's so amazing to see a project go from a hole in the ground to this, a home that's loved and lived in!
Wind chimes.
Dora's kitchen window.



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