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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks to Jeremy and Chris, we have 20 gallons of Supertherm on the way to insulate ship/SHOP! Chris and I had a great conversation with Gary Tucker, the owner of Supertherm this morning and they are generously donating their product. We have some very specific follow-up studies that we need to compile for this company, which I will detail to you all later. This is a fabulous product that is perfectly suited to the mission of DBB, as Supertherm is perceived as a “space-age” product and is attracting world-wide attention for its unique sound dampening and insulating factors. We hope to assist Supertherm, and DBB, with our post-application studies.

Thanks again to the fabulous 2008 team, who prove more and more impressive each time I speak with them and see what they are accomplishing. It is truly exciting.



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