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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A gorgeous morning greeted us on our second day of Bluff life. We finished our construction documents and sent them to the engineer. We also learned the ins and outs of surveying a site. After marking off the site with stakes, Dora decided that we needed to move all of our work because we'd sited the house on top of the outhouse and probably a hundred former outhouse sites. What a crappy deal! Since we'd already learned how to survey, the second time around was twice as fast.

The site before construction.

Eric holds the tape measure.

Matt and Atsushi take measurements with the laser tool.

More surveying.

Our first sit-down dinner! Camille and Chris set the bar high for this one--homemade chicken noodle soup. salad, and breadsticks. They make an awesome master chef team.



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