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Monday, July 14, 2008

So the saga continues...

As previously mentioned, Mascoat Products of Houston, Texas has provided one the most important materials to date.  This amazing material is Delta T Industrial Coating is just that, simply amazing.  The leader in insulation coatings, Mascoat has extensive experience in industrial, marine, automotive and residential industries all over the world.  With recent involvement in the shipping container conversion market, Mascoat has successfully manufactured an spray on insulation that out performs similar products with exceptional results.  For more information on the remarkable performance of this innovative product, go to

In addition to the outstanding insulation material, Mascoat Products has a staff that rivals the quality of their product.  Design Build Bluff was first in contact Gary Tucker of Denver, Colorado.  Gary had been looking to become a distributor for Mascoat Products and first contacted Michael Stelmach of Mascoat Products to discuss possible involvement with DBB.  As a result of Gary's contact with Mr. Stelmach, a conference call was set up and the project was discussed between Mr. Tucker, Mr. Stelmach and DBB.  Mascoat Products agreed to donate the necessary material to coat the three shipping containers with Delta T Industrial insulation coating.  The enthusiastic response from Mr. Stelmach was extremely exciting.

But it didn't end there...

As we continued to discuss logistics for the project, Mr. Stelmach then put me in touch with the now famous (in Bluff anyway) Chad Davis.  Chad is an account specialist that has worked with Mascoat Products for about two years now.  As we discussed possible strategies for the product, a sprayer, and himself to get to Bluff (not an easy thing to do coming from Houston!), Chad responded with all the answers.  To all of our amazement, Chad booked a flight to Albuquerque, where he had shipped approximately 70 gallons and the gas sprayer to apply the coating.  He then rented a truck and drove 5+ hours to Bluff, Utah.  In his short stay of 2.5 days, Chad and the DBB crew coated the inside and out of all three containers.  With almost instant relief from the unrelenting desert heat, and not to mention a sexy new color scheme to the haggard containers, we knew Chad Davis and Mascoat Products were the real deal!  

The only thing more amazing than Chad with his sprayer and Delta T Industrial was the fact that the entire package; travel, time, material, sprayer, accommodations, and especially Chad's charm and wit was donated in it's entirety to Design Build Bluff.  The astonishing level of support and commitment from Mascoat Products has not only left one of the most notable impressions to our project, but the an equally notable impression on our experience and the success of Design Build Bluff as a whole.  We cannot thank everyone involved enough.

Once again, we would like to graciously thank Michael Stelmach, George More, Chad Davis, and Wil Conner at Mascoat Products, as well as Gary Tucker for finding the right people for the job.  And as always, a special thanks to Karena Rogers and the DBB office crew for their persistence in finding the materials and contacts the projects need to succeed.  We definitely understand the importance of a quality team, and we have the best!

Please visit the Mascoat Products website to get a better understanding of what exactly the amazing products they manufacture are, how they work, and why they are so important to our design this year.  And for proof of the material's performance, schedule a short trip down to Bluff this summer to see the proof for yourself!  The coating reduced surface temperatures of the extreme exposed portions of the container from as high as 130+ F to below 100 F!  We are all in complete awe of the material.  Thanks again Mascoat!


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