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Saturday, August 09, 2008

We spent a week in Salt lake doing a little prefabrication. Jyana is making a little 3-form detail for the electrical.
We cut over one hundred strips of aluminum to create the caps for the roof on the Bath House and would like to give a big thanks to Sean who runs the Art shop at the U for letting us poach his 4' sheet metal break. We couldn't have done it with out you.
We also prefabricated our sliding doors at the Arch shop, being a shop tech has its benefits. The Machine shop at the U donated the labor to help roll the steel for our curved doors. The final product turned out perfect. Thanks for helping us get things done right.
Jyana is gluing up the the concrete forms for the sills. The first batch has just come out. Pictures to come soon.
A piece of scaffolding that has been leveled and we now have enough sand, gravel and concrete to make the sills.
This is our home made bender in action. The biggest shingle we needed to bend for the roof measures almost 4'x9'.The bender went through many modifications during the construction process and was made entirely of salvaged material. The prefab caps fit perfectly. The roof is almost done just a gutter and a few more caps.One last wall in the project. It is turning out great.


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