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Friday, January 12, 2007

Somehow, time slows down and even disappears in Bluff. It's impossible to keep track of what day it is. So, imagine our surprise when we found out it was Friday already! Some of team Bluff worked hard on the construction drawings and made some executive decisions about the house design, while others of our group braved an oncoming winter storm at the site to stake out the house walls and foundation footings. In the evening, we walked over to the Bluff Elementary School to support the Bluff Balloon Festival's annual Navajo taco fundraiser and native Navajo dancing performance. It was good to add a sprinkling of culture to our stay here.

Looks like some overachievers are actually being productive!

The dirt tested positive for silt and sand.

Matt and Monica pretend to walk in the future front door.

The stake marks due east in the house.


Bluff Balloon Festival original artwork, courtesy of the local 2nd and 3rd graders. We bought greeting cards featuring these beautiful watercolors.

Big bite, Hank! Eat those Navajo tacos!



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