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Monday, April 30, 2007

Our group slowly reconvened over the course of the day. Groups of people trickled in gradually, but we all made it safely back for our final (sniff!) trip to Bluff. It's just hitting me now how much I'll miss this project when it's over! I've loved the whole experience of living and working and cooking and building and having the time of my life with these amazing colleagues and friends. DesignBuildBluff has been the best experience of my academic career! All of my friends heartily and mutually agree with these sentiments.

Monica, Eric, and I took a long time to drive to Bluff. We made several stops at places we'd never been to, including the Recapture Reservoir, just outside of Blanding. Isn't it beautiful? Monica and Eric took a dip in the freezing water. How refreshing it was!
The gorgeous reservoir! I love the blue water!


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