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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What an eventful day! In the morning, while digging a trench for the electricity, Hank unearthed some remains and some stones that looked somewhat historically significant and immediately fetched Bill Davis, the archaeologist, to unravel the mystery. What we initially thought was a burial turned out to be an oven that Baxter's sister used to make bread, many years ago. Case closed.
Another exciting event that happened today was the addition of the windows to the house! Hooray! Every day, the house transforms more and more into a real home! It's wonderful. Our work was cut a bit short, though, by the rain. It fell and fell! Fortunately, we have a roof over our heads now!
Mitch and Talvy and Eric (look through the window) install windows! Thanks, Plyco, for your generous supply of these lovely windows!
Eric looks through the glass.
Connections! They truly are beautiful.
Matt and Monica have a riot cutting off all-thread!
Pete's back in action!


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