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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Work proceeds, however slowly. It's such a beautiful home. We've had to cover up the exterior adobe walls with foam for insulation. Although it takes away from some of the beauty, we've got to give Dora and Baxter some sort of insulation against the elements. At least they're still exposed on the interior. We'll plaster up the outside of the walls beautifully.
We also put up some of the soffit materials. The soffit, another of Atsushi's brain children, is made of two kinds of mesh that will allow for ventilation and aesthetic beauty.
Heroic, isn't it?
The front door.
Atsushi works on his marvelous soffit.
Hunter rips some.
Foam team.
Eric + foam =
That's what it looks like. Makes me think of an igloo.
Foam party!


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