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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Working it! We wrapped the house with a healthy layer of Tyvek, worked on the soffit, and cleaned up a bunch of broken bricks! In addition to the regular crew, we were delighted to have the help of Mimi Locher (professor from the University of Utah's College of Architecture + Planning) and Kuma! Thanks Mimi and Kuma, for your enthusiasm and assistance in our house-building!
"C.B., you're totally doing it wrong!" Lindsay expresses great displeasure.
Walk the plank . . . to "seal" your fate.
What's going on with C.B.'s reflection in the window? White shirt, dark shorts--doesn't make much sense.
Atsushi and Hunter--soffit sugoi!
The faux-gan, as sponsored by Tyvek.
Fake work. Nobody in this picture is really doing anything.
Baxter hooked up his new T.V. and satellite dish, which promptly led to the demise of the Bluff group's work ethic.
Hunter's secret affinity for Talvy's unshaven leg.
Kitchen discussion.
Everyone's got the meeting face on.
This meeting rocks. Not.
Nalgene makes an important guest appearance at the Monday morning meeting.
The stately Matt.
Table centerpiece.


  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger thudhead said…

    Fantastic photos!

    After visiting the house this summer, it's great to see the photos of the project in process. Thanks!


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