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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another day of brick-laying! In fact, we like adobe so much and are such masters of this building material that we like to call ourselves the "adobe acrobats". It's fun to walk around the house and imagine the rooms that will soon exist within the walls we're constructing. The spaces are materializing before our eyes! While most of us worked on the adobe walls, some of the guys built some formwork for the western-most wall for a concrete header to be poured above the huge picture window. A good, solid day of work!

The guys admire their craftsmenship.
Rebar cage.
Laughing silhouettes.
Camille builds up the wall!
A lone C.B.
Atsushi in his amazingly safe hard hat. OSHA approves.
Dora and Baxter love to check out their new home in construction!
Devastatingly good looking form work.
Team CMU base.
Jolly old Hank.
Ryan's truck.
Form work construction!
The house's current condition.
The final CMU base!

The hand-wrought rebar cage for the concrete header.
A different view of the house.
Peeking inside the form work!
Calendar boy.


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