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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A blustery day indeed! (As I write this, I'm still trying to get dirt and sand out of my hair and nose and ears.) We battled intense dust storms today as we laid the first courses of our adobe walls and built more stem wall form work. Several of the guys set up the CMU blocks for the first course of the adobe walls. Lindsay, Ryan, and Atsushi did a great job setting up the form work for the curved stem wall. Excitement! Monica and I (Camille) tried our hands at masonry, laying the first adobe bricks. What a time-consuming business! Why did we decide to go with adobe bricks again?

Throwing concrete in the CMU blocks.
Eric's calendar pose #3.
Animated group discussion.
Nice slice, Kaitlin. Check out that upper body strength!
We have temporary power! 3 kilowatt hours' worth! Use it wisely.
Look at those level bricks!
Beautiful poles.
Atsushi, fresh from his swim meet. I think we've got some gold medal material here.
I've never seen better looking curved form work!
Ryan, all smiles.

Nice back, C.B. (He's into tanning his lower back. Thinks it's what gets the ladies.)
Stem wall action.
Camille and Monica make sure the bricks are level. We'll be trying out for the "Little Miss Mason Pageant" soon.
The alien landscape of Dora and Baxter's house.Ford: our newest sponsor.
dbBdb: Dinner left us all speechless. This masterpiece, designed by Kaitlin, featured handmade spanakopita (a traditional Mediterranean spinach and feta cheese pie), a delicious salad with a feta cheese and lemon juice dressing, and pita chips with hummus and kalamata olives. Magnificent! This feast was followed by some of Camille's yummy chocolate and white chocolate chip cookies for dessert.


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