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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow day! It snowed on and off all day today, greatly hindering our brick-laying progress. We were nervous that moisture would find its way to the adobe bricks and dissolve them into dust. Oh no! So far, we're safe. We were able to make a bit of headway on one of the adobe walls, as well as pour the curved stem wall. While some of us worked on the home, another group of us visited the three former DesignBuildBluff homes for ideas about detailing our own home. Beautiful homes they are! As this group traveled home, though, the other group battled snow until they finally decided to pack up a bit early and head for home.

The traveling group finds its way onto the Caroline house rooftop.
dbBdb: Mitch and Dawn laid down a feast fit for a Mexican king! They prepared fabulous bean, rice, cheese, green chile, and guacamole burritos, with a red cabbage salad, all finished with scrumptious brownies for dessert. Ole!


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