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Monday, February 26, 2007

After our standard Monday morning meeting, we headed to the site for non-brick stacking work. Thank goodness!! Groups of us hauled sand and gravel, poured the concrete for the stem wall and shower areas, and began laying the CMU blocks on which to lay the adobe bricks. Only 9 weeks left until we have (hopefully) a finished house! Pressure's on!

Shirtless wonder Atsushi.Ryan's tender care.
Topless Talvy. (Needs to work that beer gut.)Taking care of business.
Dumping a load.
Mixing concrete is fun!
The stem wall connoisseurs.

Our newest friend, Dwight! He was so helpful with loading up our truck with gravel today! Thanks Dwight!Shovel faster!
The divas of dirt.
Empty bags of cement. (This shows how much we worked today!)

Our first wall, in its baby form!

dbBdb: Matt and Ryan whipped up a batch of their famous fajitas! What a spread! We dined on flour tortillas filled with beef, peppers, onions, jalapenos, rice, and delicious refried beans, accompanied by chips and salsa. Mouthwatering Mexican fiesta!


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