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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We're back again! A week's worth of break has breathed new life into our merry group. We began afresh with the roof and were able to accomplish quite a bit today. Lindsay and Monica pounded out the flashing to protect the foundation. Many others hoisted up more beams and T.J.I.'s. We're also very happy to have Talvy's dad Pete visit for the week! He's doing the electrical wiring of Dora and Baxter's home. What a guy! To top it off, he made us all a delicious ravioli dinner. Ravioli-cooking skills, wiring skills--this guy's got it all!
What would we do without our roofing genius, Atsushi?
Matt gives Mitch a piggy-back ride up the ladder.
C.B. He's smiling because the view from the roof looks so awesome.
Ryan flashes a smile.
Talvy and Talvy. Two of a kind.
Half moon.
What you're witnessing here is a very therapeutic practice. While wildly smashing our already broken adobe bricks with flailing hammers, our group vents pent up angers and frustrations before heading home for relaxation. Feel the rage! (And don't pay attention to the smiles on their faces. No one's really having fun.)
Close-up of electrical magic.
Elegant wiring.
Lindsay and C.B. chill on the roof.
Raising the beam! Atsushi yells a shout of delight at the sight of his work coming to fruition.
Lindsay and Monica did an amazing job with the flashing today!
Pete + electricity. Good combination.
Mmm. Our dinner blog returns! Pete and Talvy concocted a scrumptious feast of a variety of ravioli, homemade sauce, freshly tossed green salad, and bread. Three cheers for the Italian stallions!


  • At 8:27 PM, Blogger Nina said…

    Hey Pete and Chris,

    Enjoyed watching this site come together.

    Hope you have a nice visit together.


  • At 5:48 PM, Blogger Cari Vassel said…

    Great job, Camille. You are have an amazing experience. Good luck.

    Cari Vassel


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