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Monday, March 26, 2007

After weeks of hard work, we decided to take a break for a couple of days and go camping! We'd heard about this amazing place called Chaco Canyon, so we set out for this destination in New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment". On our way there, we stopped in Farmington, New Mexico at the nicest Safeway any of us had ever been in. That was our favorite sight to see along the way.

Once at the Chaco Canyon National Park (a mere 5 hours away from Bluff, Utah), we decided to take a guided tour of Pueblo Bonito, a famous collection of Indian ruins. From there, we hiked up to a mesa for a few hours to see Pueblo Alto and some other ruins. Chaco Canyon is a beautiful place!

Pueblo Bonito.Pueblo Bonito windows.
Wood beam in wall.
Aerial view of Pueblo Bonito.
Monica, sitting on Pueblo Alto, contemplating the expanse of New Mexico.
Pueblo Bonito.
Pueblo Bonito.
Pueblo Bonito.
Gradations of posture.
The Bluff crew.
Pueblo Bonito walls.
The wall.
Another brick in the wall.


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