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Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a wind-blowing, kite-flying, taco-eating day! We enjoyed the company of many guests and friends today! Ethnie (Hunter's cute friend), Josh, Sarah, Carl, and Clio (all friends from architecture school) all came to visit for the weekend! Hooray! Some of them even helped us work on the house!

Huge news for today: the last adobe brick was carefully laid on top of the last adobe wall to be completed! Yes! No more brick lifting for a while!

Stunning view.
The official food additive sponsor of DesignBuildBluff! Baxter handed out these hats as gifts to several of the students.
Josh's skill as a mason is incomparable. No one matches his dead eye for straight walls. We wouldn't have finished this wall today without him.
Sand and sawdust.
The trial gabion cage. Pretty cool, huh?
Yay! We've got sheathing on our walls! Eric's corner on this wall is amazing.
Heads up, Talvy!
Kaitlin cracks up after attempting to fly the "Baby Bat". Ahem. Attempting.
This is what Monica does when she gets bored. You can imagine what works of art our stud walls are.
Matt thinks the "tiny dancer" is hot. Juicy tidbit: "Tiny Dancer", by Elton John, was our theme song for the week.
Check out Monica's monster yawn! Part of her "always tired or hungry" routine. She's cute, though!
Baby Bat in flight!
Kaitlin sports a beautiful turquoise hat. It's the rage in Bluff right now.
The group gathers to admire the practice gabion cage.
Gabion cage madness!
Monica tests her block-cutting abilities!
Team adobe brick!
Hunter has upgraded from the back of his hand to the back of his glove.
Baby Bat, elegantly silhouetted against the cloudy sky.
Happy birthday boy Eric flies his present, "Baby Bat".

Random Bluff info: We've decided to compile a DesignBuildBluff soundtrack, filled with all of the songs that help us get through each day. Here's a random sampling of what we like here:
"The Garden" album, Zero 7
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
"Tiny Dancer", Elton John (or "Tony Danza", according to some)
Bob Dylan
Regina Spektor


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