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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Our group awakened to a freshly rain-soaked Bluff. The evening had brought with it much precipitation, renewing the earth once again. Spring in Bluff smells like fragrant Russian olive trees, rain, and dust.
Talvy and Ryan made a special day-trip to Montrose to pick up the exterior finish, a non-galvanized corrugated metal. We're excited for this! Monica and Kaitlin ran errands in Blanding and continued sealing the cedar wood for the fascia and for the exterior window frames. C.B. and Lindsay had the most fun job, rasping all of our foam insulation for later application of the exterior plaster. I didn't think it could snow in May here, but after their work, I think differently. I continued work on the soffit, as did Eric and Hunter. Hank, Matt, Atsushi, Hunter, and Eric also worked on attaching the fascia and finishing up some roof details in preparation for the laying of the roofing materials tomorrow! Last, but definitely not least, the icynene people came to apply the foam insulation to all of our walls! Thanks, icynene peoples!

Seeing the home from a different angle.
And another angle.
Gorgeous cedar!
Russian olive tree, found in bluff above Dora and Baxter's home.
From above.
From far away.
Baxter's hoop.
Cactus flower.
From the bluff.
Laying down on the roof.
Nice belts.
Fascia in full bloom.
Ford man observes his territory.
Cedar wood for the window frames.
Our icynene friends!
Cute Kaitlin and Monica seal the fascia!
Dennis, doing what he does best. ;)
The Hank.
Lindsay pulls off acrobatic moves to rasp the foam.
Spectacular soffit.
Sealin' it!
Old man Brown.
Fascia team.
Icynene beauty.
The home, interpreted by Christo.
Trombe wall, by Christo.

More insulation!
Matt's on top of the world!
Raspy team.
Yay! Our cedar fascia looks beautiful!
Monica and Kaitlin seal more cedar.
Icynene, an amazing insulating foam, used throughout the entire home.

Stepping through the plastic. Our home has been transformed into an alien place!

Mitch shows us how it's done.


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