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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Block party! With the help of Antonio, our resident pressed block expert, our group handled over 72 tons of pressed block bricks today! That's right, 72 tons! The machine just kept pumping out the blocks, about 2700, to be exact. Our job was to move each block along the network of rollers and into the neatly stacked piles. The end goal is 5400 blocks to be used for the straight walls in Dora and Baxter's home. We're feeling the exertions of today's work tonight, though. I didn't know I had these kind of arm muscles!
We also made progress on our stem wall today! Lindsay and Ryan cranked out some beautiful form work, ready for the concrete to be poured as soon as possible. Go stem wall!

Group meeting, pre-work.

The rollers! They're fun to roll on, too!

C.B. pushes the blocks along their merry way.

The assembly line.
Our beautiful pressed blocks!
Glamour shot of the blocks in action.
Assembly line workers hold the most coveted jobs.
Looking at Hank work through a tunnel of CMU.
Our CMU stash.

Atsushi, quality control.
Even Baxter helped us out today!

But who can forget the illustrious work of the stem wall form work creators, Ryan and Lindsay?
Sunlit stem wall majesty.
The crew by the light of the sunset.dbBdb (DesignBuildBLUFF Dinner Blog): Dennis treated us to a feast of vegetarian burritos. Nothing but the finest tortillas, beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, salsa, tomatoes, and avocadoes for us tonight! Scrumptious!


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