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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I hope you like pictures because today there's lots! In a single day, all of us completed the shed at the Scorup House! We're like Shed Superheroes or Shed Superbuilders or something like that. We hammered, sawed, screwed, cut, designed and built a genuine, 100% structurally sound, free-standing shed. Our shed features aluminum column supports, holding a roof composed of TJI beams, doubled 2X6 rafters, aluminum purlins, and corrugated metal covering. We even included two very sweet looking skylights. The walls are currently made of wooden pallets. Pretty good for student work. The weather was gorgeous and we worked to the sound of tunes blasting from Talvy's truck. In our excitement to complete the job, we worked into the night. Actually, we were more excited about a potential trip to Canyon de Chelley tomorrow (hinged upon the completion of the shed) than about the actual shed. Just kidding. It's beautiful. With our work done, though, we're free to explore the great outdoors tomorrow!

Nothin' like blue sky and the smell of TJI's in the morning.

Staring down the scaffolding.

Ryan and Eric care for the shed in its infant stages.

Two thumbs way up to working! Supervising is a key event in every project's lifetime. Houses usually only require one supervisor, but sheds most certainly require three.

Atsushi single handedly holds up the shed. Without him holding it up for 19 hours today, it would have surely fallen in a heap to the ground. "Props" to Atsushi for propping this thing up!
Talvy makes some crucial cuts into the roofing material and not into Hank's feet.
The Talvy cut--clean, cool, and smooth. Just like Talvy. Maybe minus the clean part.
Rafter building with Kaitlin.
The stretch. A classic move. "Oh . . . uh . . . how did my arm get there?"

"Smashing Carhartts you're wearing on this fine day, Sir Talvy!"
"And what smart sunglasses and cap you sport, old chap Eric! Might I borrow them some time to impress my lady friend at home?"
"Ho, ho, ho! But of course, dear Talvy!"
Friendly banter in the love seat.

Group shed shot.
High performance flying rafters.
The shed gleams, in all of its celestial glory.
Cigar, chalk line . . . what more do you need?
Hunter, drill extraordinaire.
Rafters and purlin. Pat Tripeny and that roof design assignment, eat your heart out.
Some horse-chewed wood!
The oldest living thing in Bluff. I found it next to the compost heap. According to my carbon dating, I'm pretty sure it's a jack-o-lantern dating from approximately 24 years ago. Or it's Matt's long lost twin.
The shed nears completion.
Lindsay braves the height and drills in all of the roofing material.
One of the sweetest details in the shed. Who knew purlins could be so devastatingly good looking?
Roof, roof!
The pallet walls by night.
Dinner blog: I don't know how we manage to do it, but each dinner just gets better and better! Tonight's meal took us on a trip to Mexico. We enjoyed homemade enchiladas, courtesy of Hunter and Monica. By homemade, I mean homemade tortillas, sauce, everything. These delicious little wonders were topped with crema mexicana, queso cotija, y cilantro and served with frijoles negros y mangoes, bananas, y pineapple drizzled with sweetened condensed lechera. Muy bien! Yo quiero Mexican food! (A note to the reader: Camille is learning Spanish. Key word: learning.)


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