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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We're back! A lovely drive yesterday brought our Bluff group back together. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen technical and political difficulties, we won't be working on Dora and Baxter's home again until Saturday. Until then, we'll be working on a shed to store a bunch of windows we brought down from the CDC (Community Development Corporation of Utah). We started the shed today and did some serious grinding of metal for the solar trailer. The weather is perfect now! No more cold and frosty days freezing our fingers off, even in the Scorup House!

Dinner blog: Pretty much the most amazing homemade pizzas ever! BBQ chicken, cheese, and veggie pizzas, plus an exquisite salad sated even the most monstrous appetites.

A good, old-fashioned shed-raising!

Sometimes we don't really work that much. Slacklining takes priority.

Or reading while sitting on a tire.

Or playing baseball.

Or learning how to ride a bike. Believe it or not, you're witnessing Monica actually learning how to ride a bike after 20 years or so.

Metal at the site.

More metal.

The fire pit for Dora and Baxter. It literally took the strength of every male in the Bluff crew to transport this beast of a cauldron to the site. I wish it were my bathtub.

Sunset silhouettes.


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