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Friday, February 09, 2007

Trip 2 down to Bluff is nearly complete! All of us went on a field trip today to check out some alternatively constructed homes around Bluff. We looked at a rastra block home and another home that had a beautiful flat roof and an amazing fireplace. Contractor Dennis is showing us how other people have solved home-building problems similar to ours.
In the evening, many of us checked out the "Shoe Game", a Bluff community event. We were entertained by a Navajo story, complete with traditional singing, about the "Shoe Game". Although none of us really figured out what the story meant or what the shoe game really was, it was a good way to support the local community down here.

Skylight in the rastra block house.

A view of the scenery.

Funky piece of twisted metal at one of the homes.

Curved Trex deck.

One of the cool homes we visited!

Log rolling, characterized by fierce competition.

Who's going to win? Lindsay or Ryan? My money's on Lindsay.

The shoe game.


A fantastic way to end our dinners for this trip down to Bluff: homemade gnocchi smothered in homemade marinara sauce, partnered with an Asian salad and wasabi vegetables. A blending of cultures makes for a great meal.



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