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Monday, February 05, 2007

Today was the warmest day so far! We were able to lay nearly all of our rebar and mesh in preparation for the pouring (or laying, according to Pat Tripeny) of the concrete foundation, hopefully this coming Wednesday. We're getting so close to this milestone! We'll finish up all of the preparations tomorrow, including form work, rebar, and control joints.

The Monday morning meeting. Eric is very good at sign language.

Rock on, Lindsay! Hot goggles.

Rebar tug-of-war! Hunter's fierce expression frightens the rebar into submission.

Tying rebar with Monica and Kaitlin.

Ryan's sweet pipe dispenser. Not an alien communication device, as we originally thought.
Team capoeira. Dancing? Kicking? I thought we were building a house.
Rolling out the mesh.
The mesh rolls onward.
Meshy mesh mesh!Dinner blog: chili and blue cornbread. Mmm. Dawn and Mitch treated us to this fine and filling feast. Makes my mouth water just looking at it!


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