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Friday, January 19, 2007

Yeah! We finished spreading our gravel today, the goal we set for ourselves! What a grand accomplishment! After wearying our muscles, we're ready to head home tomorrow. Time for a little break. We've eaten all of our food, cleaned the house, and readied ourselves for the return trip. We'll have to figure out a bunch of details and other things while we're away from Bluff during this coming week, but we're up for this challenge.
By the way, DesignBuildBluff is an amazing program. Besides living and working with an awesome group of students, you get to learn about the real world of design and construction. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that anyone and everyone in architecture school should do.

Self-portrait. Giant Camille head.

Giant Camille takes out Eric's threatening head. The shovel is the weapon of choice.

Giant Camille is not satisfied with Past Victim Eric. She moves on to Tiny Chris, who meekly bows his head in submission. His tiny stick is no match to her shovel.

Tamper. Homemade style (hand-mixed concrete in a coffee can).

Tools of the trade.

Tire team.

Matt-o-san dumps a load.

Watch out! Talvy's got the pick axe!

Talvy's flip. He barely lands it. I'd give it a 5.6.

Trench warfare! So this is what rebar feels like . . .

Hunter runs Monica into the nearby dirt pile. What followed was an epic dirt war, Brazil vs. the United States. U.S.A 1, Brazil 0.

Gentle Eric, Japanese Zen gardener.

Dig! Dig! Dig!

We all know who's really in charge.



  • At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This blog is kuhl. REALLY!

    Thanks, and nice work to all. I would however like to see Matt working a little harder.


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