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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today was a little more laid back. I think it's because we knew we weren't all going to be there, so maybe we were slower. (Camille, Eric, and Hunter left for Salt Lake City for a few days on personal business.) But we still accomplished a lot. At the beginning of the day we spent a good half an hour shoveling snow out of the tarp covering. It was miserably cold this morning, but as the day went on the sun showed its lovely face and we were able to finish up the day with at least some sense of touch in our fingers. We finished installing the insulation everywhere (except around the entrance--we were short a few feet of foam), and completed the form work. To finish up the day, we had an invigorating digging session for a continuation of the tire wall. As usual, we had a beautiful sunset.

We didn't know Monica had narcolepsy until we found her asleep in the trench.

Square it off, Talvy.

Sawdust a flyin'!

How we entertain ourselves after work--looking at the blog that Camille updates every day. We get a kick out of seeing pictures of us doing manual labor. (No one is allowed to comment on how lame this may seem. Because it's not.)

Adaptive reuse. (Form before function?)

Lindsay and Kaitlin. Kaitlin models some sweet Carhartt pants.

Cigars: Ford man's best working companion.

Glamour shot of Moka.



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