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Friday, February 02, 2007

Today we had clear skies and sunshine for the whole day, for the first time in 3 days! No snow on the site to shovel this time. We were able to get to the site and get right to work. Talvy and Kaitlin ran to Blanding to run errands, including picking up a new order of 60 used tires to continue our tire wall. With some old railroad ties as stairs, the Benalli's entry will look sweet. For the rest of us, the day was spent digging, finishing up the last of the rigid insulation, bending and cutting rebar, and packing more tires. We can't get enough of packing tires. Or digging. The rest of the evening was filled with expectation for Ryan's famous halibut. So far it's looking good. We'll see if he and Matt can pull off that one :)

Building a house is easy. Mitch's method: just bend and drill.

Hank's method: bend and saw.


Ford man.

Rock wall. Tire wall.

The tire wall is done!

Talvy passes the torch.

Bluff silhouettes.



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    Lucky Duckys.


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