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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We had a pretty chill day. Dropped by the coffee shop in the morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, did a little welding of control joints, finished a little form work, ate a little dinner--we're livin' the Bluff life (sans concrete).

Stately rebar, braced against the sky.

Foam insulation? Or a Richard Meier project?

Orange ties between the piping and the mesh.

Sweet soldering job! Eric, Ryan, and Hunter only had to sacrifice a few fingers to third degree burns to achieve this kind of perfection.

Copper pipe. Hotness.

Team radiant flooring under pressure.

Baxter helps us weld! He's a master welder!

The Baxter holds the bright light of welding power.

Wicked weld.

Looking through some green glass.

Atsushi and Monica rest on the gravel after the day's work.

Hunter fixed the compressor!

The Bluff gourmands strike again! Tonight's masterpiece, in three divine courses, featured delectable grilled chicken in a flavorful marinade (Lindsay's secret recipe), resting on a bed of white rice and garnished with florets of blanched broccoli; golden baked potatoes with sour cream and cheddar cheese; and a homemade angel food cake, baked to golden perfection and topped with plump and juicy raspberries and strawberries and whipped cream.



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