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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another gorgeous work day! We continued (as usual) laying adobe bricks and working our upper body muscles. A few of the guys also figured out the form work for the columns in the main entrance area. We were able to pour the first bit of one of the columns (the round one, to be encased in a rusted steel tube). Excitement!

March Madness! Our group becomes educated on the massively popular science of "bracketology".
Monica looks so cute in her manly overalls!
An epoxy flower.
The rebar for the column.
Column experts.
No turning back now!
What?!? More brick moving? I thought we were done with that!
Kaitlin takes a little cat nap on top of her handiwork.
Back of the hand. The Ford man's Kleenex.
Adobe on stone.Our days are not complete without a healthy helping of ripe, juicy sunset.


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