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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Most of us wore green, so we avoided the traditional pinching. Well, after a week of hard work, it seemed that today was a bit slower than usual. Working so hard really takes it out of the group! We did get some fresh blood today in Eric's parents. Both of his parents, as well as his wife, Jenn, came down to visit for the weekend. What a great treat for us! They invigorated us with their energy and their amazing cooking skills, spreading a turkey feast before us at the end of the day. Thank you, Jenn, and Eric's parents!

Check out that wall! Straight as an arrow. Kaitlin doesn't mess around. Eric, on the other hand . . .
Taking a break in the shade of the walls.
"C.B., I feel like there's a wall between us . . ."
The contemplative shadow.
Eric's dad! He hasn't even worked up a sweat!
Master masons. This wall's almost done!
Atsushi, perched 10 feet above the ground.
Mitch and Vida help out!C.B. protests after being caught learning how to samba. He's a natural!
The St. Paddy's Day bonfire.


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