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Friday, March 16, 2007

To all of you blog readers out there, please don't get bored with this week's progress. Just because adobe brick walls are time-consuming to build doesn't mean that it's not terribly exciting. All the time. Because it is. All the time. No sarcasm intended. Anyway, as you may have predicted, we kept building adobe walls today! And poured concrete headers and columns! And positioned the steel column! Yay! The house is becoming more and more house-like every day. It's a thing of beauty.

The view through the kitchen window. Shield your eyes from the glare of the great white back of Matt.
Atsushi's hand-built wall.
Eric takes a turn at welding rebar in the steel column.The steel column in place. Wicked awesomeness.
Kaitlin rips into the adobe like a hot knife through butter!
All smiles, all the time. (Except for hungry and tired times.)Talvy gives the stink-eye to some unseen comrades. I don't know if anyone covered in that much concrete has the right to give the stink-eye to anyone.
Bucket brigade pours the concrete headers!
Hunter's on concrete duty.
Shovel and dump.
Ha! The dinner blog strikes again! For those of you who have voiced your vociferous opinions over this particular portion of the blog, it will be featured more sporadically. However, you won't know when or where it will hit you!
Tonight's meal had to be featured because it was so amazing. C.B. and Camille pulled off roasted bell peppers stuffed with couscous, feta cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash, as well as handmade pita chips and homemade hummus, with a salad to top it all off! Yumtastic!


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