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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On this fine day, we divided into three groups--team fascia, team strapping, and team sheathing, named for obvious reasons. Each respective team accomplished what it set out to do! Amazing work! Hopefully, we'll have our roof sheathing done by the end of the week.
Funny side note: after we had eaten dinner, we noticed that the house cat, Treetop, had apparently caught a mouse! However, the mouse wasn't dead yet, and Treetop continued to chase it around the dining room and kitchen. When Treetop and the mouse returned to the dining room, we discovered that the mouse wasn't a mouse at all, it was a baby rabbit!! After hearing its heart-wrenching shrieks, we pried Treetop away from the poor thing and carried it to safety outside. This certainly added excitement to our dinner!

The stink eye for sheathing.
Lindsay rips into it!
The backside of the beautiful fascia.
Smiley Eric beams as he stands on the roof.
Check plus for the sheathing crew!
Monica faces her fear of heights with a Skilsaw.
There's nothing better than using a nail gun.
Funky angles and cuts make this roof!
Stink eye senior.
Roofin' it.

In-your-face fascia!
Team strapping!

This is how the pros do it.
Dinner blog: Camille and C.B. whipped up some creamy roasted tomato soup (don't be fooled by the yellow color), grilled cheese sandwiches, and salad for the crew! Deliciousness!


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