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Monday, May 07, 2007

What a spectacular day! The weather is once again gorgeous! We had a most productive work session, completing the metal siding and most of the asphalt shingles on the roof. Awe-inspiring, really.

Lindsay's arms are stuck in cardboard tubes! What will she do now?
Sunset glory.
Sunset on the bluff.
Angelic light beams down on Lindsay's work.
Restfulness after a long day's work.
Roof dance party!
The beach!
Monica's self-portrait.
Me, chillin' on the roof.
Roof team!
Corrugation collaboration.
What's going on down there?
Team siding, at it again.
Man muscles.
Atsushi-san! Roof genius stretches.
Dennis continues to supervise.
Ladder shadow.
Checkin' out the tool belt.
C.B.'s parents came to visit for a day! They helped out! Hooray! Here's Don and C.B.
Team roofing.
Roofing is fun!
Cork ceiling team. Nothing could be more time-intensive than cutting each individual piece of cork to its exact dimensions. Way to go, guys!
Curvaceous siding.
Double money.
Mitch helps out, too!
Imagine this shot, but with exterior finishes. Rock on.
Hunter had fun burying Nali (pronounced, "nolly") in the gravel.
Nali (Lindsay's kitten), curled up in my bag!
Don. C.B.
Ryan knows how to grind.
Kaitlin and Monica tear it up on the roof!Dinner blog: We enjoyed Mitch's delicious shrimp and posole conglomeration, complete with beans and salad.