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Monday, January 15, 2007

Day 8 brought a day indoors. We tried to dig at the site, but the ground was frozen solid! I suppose five degree weather will do that. Instead of digging, we all researched different aspects of the home design until we went stir-crazy and had to get out of the house for some fresh air. Some of us collected materials for the house--car tires, adobe bricks, flagstones, etc. At night, Talvy and Atsushi made an incredible Italian feast. We all learned that Campbell's Chicken Alfredo Soup makes a delicious alfredo sauce. All teams have now had a chance to cook dinner for the group, and I'm proud to report that we've got some of the best chefs this side of Utah. We'll soon be publishing our cookbook, Stuffed in Bluff. New York Bestsellers, here we come!


Get back on that detail, Talvy!

Hunter under the influence. Of heavy tranquilizers.

Sunset red rock.

Our newly found awesome fireplace!

Lindsay and Chris test out the awesome metal treasure.

Close-up of the metal box.



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