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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This morning a small group of students met with the one-man building department to try to secure a building permit. And . . . we've got it! YEAH! We've just got to complete a few minor changes, and the permit is ours! In honor of the occasion, we all participated in Dig Fest 2007, Benally residence! We put our shovels to use and made a bunch of progress on digging our foundation.
As a side note, we do not recommend cooking or eating chicken that's beyond its expiration date. This is foul in every sense of the word.

Take that, frozen dirt!

The Atsushi's all-seeing eye.

Authority figures!

C.B. packs it in.

Earthship materials. Our future retaining wall.

Pick some axe!

The big dig.

Yup, we did that.



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