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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another beautiful working day! We finished digging our trenches! Even though the ground was frozen again today, we battled through the frost with our pick axes and shovels. Yes! We're right on schedule! We'll be getting a big truck load of gravel tomorrow, and we're ready for it. When all of us reached the Scorup House again, we had a lovely surprise--balloons, streamers, and a birthday cake for . . . me (Camille)! It was my birthday today and we celebrated it in style, thanks to a wonderful surprise package from my mom. First birthday ever spent digging trenches. Special side note: Monica has a secret admirer! One of the construction workers who lives down here called the house, asking her on a date! Remember, what happens in Bluff, stays in Bluff.

Put your back into it, Matt.

The wall grows.

Cake and party hats for all! What a great bunch! Thanks for an amazing birthday!


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