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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We enjoyed another incredibly gorgeous day as we continued to work on the roof and the exterior siding. Ryan and Lindsay attached some beautiful cedar siding to two sections of the exterior wall, in the desk nook and at the entrance. It really looks amazing. Eric (he's back from Salt Lake!), Hunter, and Talvy had quite the time putting up more cork for the ceiling. Atsushi and Kaitlin applied more asphalt shingles to the roof, while Matt and I figured out the top of the parapet walls and worked towards that end. C.B. and Monica also developed the parapet walls. A pretty full day!
After work, we decided to drive to Blanding to see Spiderman 3 at the San Juan Theater. Our group had the best time making fun of the movie and laughing through the entire thing. We followed our excursion with dinner at the nearby steak house, which has the most delicious homemade biscuits and raspberry jam.
Side note: most of the pictures in today's blog are from around Bluff. So, if you ever wanted to see the other parts of Bluff, here's the quick photo tour!

Matt, C.B., and Monica.

The taco stand!
Flags flutter in the morning breeze.
The K & C, our mecca for quick food.
A view of Bluff from the cemetery.

The famous car parked in front of Cow Canyon Restaurant.

Globe mallow.
A house down the street from the Scorup House.

Scorup House wakes up.

Twin Rocks.


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